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ADHD Conference Handout


When I learned that my workshop was selected as a breakout session for the 2018 International ADHD Conference, I was overwhelmed with honor and gratitude that this new theory of Anger Behavior Management(c) and the FIB(TM) technique was valued enough to be offered to an international audience. This workshop is normally presented in a 2 1/2 hour format, as it is structured to be an interactive learning experience. If you attended the session at the conference, you were presented with a very fast-paced overview of the theory of Anger Behavior Management(c), and virtually no time to practice the FIB(TM) technique.  While I don't usually give out my PowerPoint presentations, this time I felt it ethically necessary and in alignment with my integrity to give those participants at least a visual way to remember the intention and specifics of the theory and technique. 


Although the book version of How To Be Angry Better is in the works, if in the meantime you wish to bring the full workshop to your organization or community, please let me know. In addition, please feel free to email me any comments or thoughts you may have on Anger Behavior Management(c) and FIB(TM) and how it may be or has been helpful in your life.


To obtain the PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation, please click the link below. My request is that should you use any information from this presentation, you credit the source.


How To Be Angry Better Handout

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