Fees and Good Faith Estimates


Private Pay:

                      Initial session:                   $130

                      Follow up sessions:           $125


                       Initial session:                   $150

                       Follow up session:            $130


                       Fees for therapy are determined by contracted rate, which is based on usual and customary rates.  Since insurance                             does not allow for report writing, legal fees, late fees and phone calls, please refer to the respective fees stated                                   below.  All co-payments and deductibles will be due at the time of the appointment.

Court Ordered Counseling:

                       Due to the nature of the counseling and the involvement with attorneys and the court system, insurance will not be                           accepted.

                       Initial session:                   $200

                       Follow up sessions:          $150

Report Writing:

                       $150 per hour, pro-rated per minute

Legal Fees:

                       $150 per hour, including portions thereof, for in-office/teletherapy/phone sessions involving attorneys, OCS workers,                        court appointed evaluators or status conferences with a judge or other professionals.

                      $300 per hour, including portions thereof, for court appearances, without regard to whether testimony is given, for a                        minimum of three (3) hours. A non-refundable deposit of $1000.00 is due at least three days before court, whether or                        not it is canceled or rescheduled. 

Late Fees and No-Show fees:

                     Twenty-four (24) hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Since insurance does not cover                             this category, the copay will NOT be accepted.


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