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 "Re-Design Your Life" Seminars and Workshops

"How to Be Angry Better(c)"  

Anger is not the problem! As a matter of fact, you have a right to your anger. It's the behavior that is the problem. Anger is a natural emotion, and since anger behavior is learned, we usually develop the same behavioral style that we observed or lived with as children, or, since we decided early on NOT to act that way, we developed a style that is the total opposite. As is often the case, neither style is usually effective behavior. This seminar teaches the science behind how our behaviors are created and how we can change them by learning Anger Behavior Management(c), and the F.I.B.(TM) technique for effective anger behavior management. Learn to live honestly and behave effectively...without regrets and guilt.

Participants will:

1. Learn the purpose of feelings.

2. Differentiate between anger and anger behavior.

3. Understand the neuroplasticity of the brain and its relationship to feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

4. Identify their own inappropriate anger behavior and how to choose new ones by using F.I.B. (TM)

5. Be better able to apply F.I.B.(TM) to real-life situations.

"How to Stop Suffering from Worry and Anxiety(c)"

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorder in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older. In addition, anxiety disorders are among the most common mental, emotional, and behavioral problems to occur during childhood and adolescence, with about 13 of every 100 children and adolescents ages 9 to 17 experiencing some type of anxiety disorder. It is known that heredity, brain chemistry, personality and life experiences play a role in the occurrence of anxiety disorders.  No matter the cause, worry and anxiety involve its own language; one that creates a "maze" leading to imagined disaster and catastrophe. This seminar shows how "worry" language develops and techniques that can be used to command your worry and anxiety.

Participants will:

1. Learn where worry comes from.

2. Understand the difference between the emotional brain and the logical brain.

3. Learn the techniques and language to command worry and anxiety.

"Parenting the Child Who Worries"

Does your child play the "what if" game? Is she afraid to sleep in her own bed? Is he clingy? Does she erase a lot in school or throw away papers in frustration if she makes a mistake? Is he a 'people pleaser'? Is he "good for others" and not for you? Has she had temper tantrums since infancy when things didn't go her way? Are you a worrier?? Since anxiety is hereditary, there is a high possibility that these symptoms indicate that your child is anxious too. It is essential that a parent understand the language of worry and use the proper techniques to offset the inner anxious language of the child. This 2 hour seminar shows how "worry" language develops, teaches effective language techniques, discusses the "parenting filter" and demonstrates how dependent children who worry can become independent children who face problems with resilience.

Beyond Surviving the Flood: Waves of Emotions

The Louisiana Flood of 2016 and the 2017 Hurricanes were experienced in many different ways: rooftop evacuations, leaving just in the nick of time, material loss, assisting flooded friends and so much more. This workshop teaches those who have first hand experience, as well as those who suffered second hand trauma, how to cope with the aftermath.  Through techniques that will address trauma, reduce anger and anxiety, and even address survivor's guilt, participants will work on how to manage the ongoing stress of the trauma and its effects. Learn what is a normal reaction and what is more serious. In the midst of such times, learn the importance of learning how to have fun again.

ADHD Series

Because children and adults with ADHD/ADD think differently and may act differently, traditional parenting, discipline, teaching methods and therapy are usually ineffective. These series of seminars will address varying aspects related to understanding those with ADHD/ADD and how to effectively parent, teach or, simply, relate to these remarkably wonderful people.

"Parenting Children with ADHD/ADD "

This seminar addresses the psychology of those with ADHD/ADD and the ego deficits that often interfere with making good choices. In addition, an introduction of  "multi-model management"- medication, education, parenting and therapy - will be given. An overview of school issues - 504 planning with modifications and accommodations - will also be discussed. Finally, "the parenting filter", other parenting issues, tips and techniques will be presented. 

"Teaching Children with ADHD/ADD"

Recent court rulings, along with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, mandate educators to know their parameters when teaching children with ADHD/ADD.  This seminar will discuss these rulings and how it applies to the varying levels of administration, faculty and staff. An overview will assist in distinguishing ADHD from other difficulties such as anxiety, learning problems, oppositional defiance and other diagnoses. The psychology of those with ADHD/ADD will be discussed and why traditional discipline may not work, and may very well increase the problems. For teachers, it will explain how to determine which accommodations and modifications to give and how to implement them with the least amount of effort possible. Tips and techniques of working with parents will be discussed as well.

"ADHD/ADD Management I"

Whether you are a parent or someone dealing with effects of ADHD/ADD, learning to become a case manager is absolutely vital. Being the hub of the ADHD/ADD wheel, you must understand the needs of each spoke of the wheel - medication, education or work, parenting/relationships, and individual therapy. This seminar will teach the questions to ask, who to ask, how to ask and how to keep the information well organized. Forms and outlines will be given to participants to keep as part of your files.

"ADHD/ADD Management II"

Bring your bags of papers, your unorganized files of reports, your questions!! This is an interactive seminar which is designed to assist you in organizing your material! You will receive a binder with headings, an outline of what to put where, and guidance on how to do it. In addition, you will receive a 'What To Do NOW' booklet that you can use from the moment you leave the class until your child leaves for the next phase of his or her life. This is an all day workshop. Come work, laugh, play and learn with others who walk the walk.

Comments from Past Participants 

"Great and concise information." - G. M.  

"I was a very frustrated teacher. You answered a lot of my questions. Thanks!"-L. M.

"I learned more tonight than I have since my son was diagnosed 3 years ago.    Thanks Dayle." - C. G.

"Your tips, encouragement and ideas have helped me greatly." - B. W.  

"I've suffered from extreme fears of storms, and in ONE session it was gone!  I love EFT!  Thank you so much!" - T.A.

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